We provide a daily patrol service, checking on any vehicles illegally parked in your fire lanes and handicap spaces, vehicles taking up more than one space, vehicles parked in unauthorized areas, cars or trucks blocking driveways, abandoned vehicles, etc.  We will work with you to make your property a safer and more attractive place for your residents/customers. We adjust our services to accommodate your needs.

Citywide Parking offers a permit parking system which ensures that only residents and their registered guests will be able to park within the facilities. Working with your resident manager, management company, and security company (if applicable); we will effectively manage your permit system.  We specialize in customizing parking programs to suit your property's specific needs. Whether your property is already utilizing parking permits or if you would like to implement a new permit system, Citywide Parking will ensure a smooth transition. 

Citywide Parking offers On-Call Services for clients who would like to call in violations as they occur.  Our On-Call services are 24 hours a day, with quick response times.  By selecting an On-Call Service, property managers can also give residents the ability to request for a vehicle to be immobilized due to wrongfully parking in their paid reserved parking space, taking up a no parking zone or any other infraction that violates your communities parking rules. 

Security is one of the major issues that business facility and property managers face on a daily basis.  Effective parking management is one way to keep customers and your property safe and secure. Citywide Parking offers all commercial and retail businesses customized parking programs. Whether your business parking lot is full 24/7 or if you would like to keep vehicles off of your property, we can provide a service that is certain to satisfy you needs. We can even monitize your parking lot after working business hours to help increase your business income long after the doors are closed and your employees have gone home. This is especially helpful if your address is located near restaurants, bars or night clubs.